Raining rectangles, circles of various sizes, ovals and squares in perfect symmetry. The possibilities of glass tiles in mosaics, sheets, or columns are endless. With this week’s Top Five list, we toast the Parc Guell-inspired formation of tiny glass tiles that together, form grandiose images, designs, and mosaics that leave us craving more.

1. Opera Glass
MANUFACTURER: Artistic Tile, Inc.
PRICE: $32- 62/sq ft
Dimensions: Solid Colors come in 1”x 1” mosaic, >1”x 2” mosaic, 3”x 6”, 6”x 6”, 6”x 12”, 12”x 12”, 14”x 20”, Stilato Mosaic, Flute Molding, Baton, and Spa Glass shapes.

Artistic Tile, Inc. offers four glass tile options – all of 8mm (thickness – under their Opera Glass Collection umbrella. Choose between Effervescence, Oval, Harmonic Lines, Stilato, or just stick to a solid color of the 15 shades in the numerous dimensions listed. Opera Glass Effervescence comes in mesh-backed sheets of 12” x 12” x 3/8” size and uses marble and glass in a random, circular mosaic. The Opera Glass Oval uses a beautiful set of ovals that fit together in a grid-like fashion and come in a 11-3/8” x 11-13/16” size. The Opera Glass Harmonic Lines and Stilato styles both look like a glass tile rainstorm frozen in time, and they come in two different sizes. Harmonic Lines measure in at 12” x 12” while Stilato is 12-1/8” x 12 3/4”.

2. Vision Recycled Glass
MANUFACTURER: Classic Tile & Mosaic
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 1”x4” rectangular tiles on 12”x 12” interlocking sheets

The combination of beauty and eco-functionality has created Vision Glass. The soft iridescent finish adds a subtle glow to the 30% recycled glass, while the beveled back adds dimensionality and ease of installation (great on curves!). The 1×4 pieces are face mounted onto a 12×12 interlocking sheet. Recommended for vertical surfaces or light-traffic interior floors. Stocked FOB Los Angeles or NYC warehouse. Sizes are approximate. Please expect some color variation.

3. Calliope Series
MANUFACTURER: Hakatai Enterprises
PRICE: $16.80/sq. ft
Dimensions: 5/8” x 5/8” with 1/8” thickness

Everyone loves to see a company producing high class products with 30 to 70 percent recycled content. In the Calliope Series by Hakatai, the vibrant or subdued colors with their slightly iridescent sheen will flood your senses. If you opt for the translucent or opaque colored Calliope Glass, you’ll notice a gentle swirling of color added to each small, mosaic tile. By using Hakatai glass that is 90 percent post-consumer waste and about 10 percent pre-consumer materials, you can almost feel the weight lifted out of the landfills and used to bring life to your interior and exterior applications in both residential and commercial projects.

MANUFACTURER: Susan Jablon Mosaics
PRICE: $15- 45/sq. ft
Dimensions: 1” x 1” tiles

Known from their appearance as a Better Homes & Garden’s Choice, the ORGANiKS glass tile collection by Susan Jablon Mosaics are made from 100% certified recycled glass – made from both pre- and post-consumer materials. Go retro by the mixing-and-matching of a wide selection of 100 colors, combine two different finishes of similar colors for a subtle checkerboard effect, or stick to a solid mosaic for all-over color. Simple one-inch squares can be designed together easily using the patented SJM Tile Designer tool.

5. Pressed Glass
PRICE: $38.13- 79.68/sq. ft (edge polishing and treatments are extra)
Dimensions: priced per square foot

Pressed Glass Tiles by 3form use an innovative laminated glass medium that is also used by their popular panels, Varia Ecoresin. You can then choose between dozens of patterns and colors in everything from natural reed designs or grass to solid colors or modern graphic prints. The Pressed Glass can come in 5/16” to 1-1/4” thick panels and the pricing per square foot depends on style on gauge of thickness. Instead of plain glass mosaics, dig deeper into your space’s true aesthetic potential using the premium materials of the Pressed Glass tiles by 3form to tie in your love for playful graphics, brilliant coloring, or the great outdoors.

Vintage Lighting

Lighting can be made from found objects of any kind. Interior designer, Wendy Umanoff thought just that and took it to another level. She likes to combine modern furniture and antique pieces. She uses this same penchant and applies it to lighting design. The result is a series of one-of-a-kind fixtures that are “outside of the traditional experience, although they contain traditional elements.” Umanoff’s lights look like relics you might discover in an archeological dig..if your field site were a series of flea markets, scrap yards and thrift stores (in an awesome way, of course). :)

DIY-pottery barn table

Here is a pottery barn influenced DIY coffee table. It’s a fabulous way to take a normal piece of furniture and make into a very cool chabby chic table for your home. So very simple and easy to do. Comment if you want to know how to get this pottery barn look! Happy DIY-ing!


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Flat boxed shipped lighting

The over-arching concept of sustainability can be said to have a marquee component, it would surely be renewable energy, for what else makes a bigger impact than eschewing fossil fuels in favor of a clean, self-sustaining energy source? But the truth—as rightly apprehended by designer David Trubridge—is that the biggest bang for one’s environmental buck is to be found in transport. Just so, Trubridge’s Seed System facilitates flatpack shipping of some of the most glorious pendant lamps one has ever seen. Trubridge’s design practice has always been driven by sustainability. “We are continually doing all we can to reduce our environmental footprint,” he says, “reducing the volume of our freight has the most impact and is the best thing we can do.” The resultant kitset system requires but 1/40th of the volume of traditional packaging. The savings gleaned on transport costs would be miracle enough, but the capper is the magnificent unveiling of Trubridge’s Seed System compatible designs. These four pendant lamps—Koura, Kina, Flax, and Hinaki—are each organically inspired designs that evoke a phenomenon specific to Trubridge’s native New Zealand—respectively, a small fresh water shrimp, a sea urchin, an indigenous fibre-bearing plant, and a fish trap made from woven vines. SO FUN!!!

The Letterpress Rug for CB2

Liora Manné used the artistic beauty of Helvetica letters to create the Letterpress rug for CB2 that acts as another tribute to typeface. On the Letterpress rug, her Lamontage® method allows for a flat techno felt of saturated hues of orange, black, yellow, grey and silver-tone letters. Its patterns and overall texture are marked by what looks like a ransom note on cement, says the product’s description on CB2. Recommended for use with a rug saver pad, the indoor/outdoor, UV-treated 100% acrylic pile is easily cleaned with a mop, soap, and water. To make the design even more lovable, it can be cut and fit into the tightest of spaces without unraveling.

Whether you’re a Helvetica fan or not, the warm tones and relaxed template of the Letterpress pulls it all together from front to backing. Manné’s Lamontagne textiles are said to “break the boundaries of traditional textiles, creating a unique textile with unlimited possibilities.”

Colorful appliances! FINALLY!

Bored with stainless steel and lack of color in your space? Steel S.p.A. and designer Alcide Po must have understood what that felt like before they designed and introduced a range of cookers and hoods that features the contemporary design of the Genesi refrigerator.

“Their style and and flair compliments the whole atmosphere of the kitchen,” says the product’s description, adding that it brings “matching colors and design-led technology for today’s family” into the space we use daily to congregate. By matching colors, Steel is referring to the options they offer to match the refrigerator – in its simple structure – to the other appliances in the Italian-inspired design of your dream cucina.

So brighten up your kitchen with a little color! Step out to the new modern kitchen appliances.

Paint or tile? You decide!

Is that paint on the wall? No, it is tile!!

If creating a mosaic for an accent wall or swimming pool seemed like a tedious task for you and the kids to master in a community ed class, allow Barbara Jacobs to help. Her design of this Artful Mosaic project she calls GLOW accentuates any wall or floor space and allows you to sit back and customize while their experts efficiently work.

Dress Up Your Walls or Floors With Glass, Stone, or Porcelain Artful Mosaics by Barbara Jacobs Color and Design
You can begin the process of creating your very own customized mosaic by ordering a small, square-foot sample of any GLOW mosaic design that exhibits a small-scale example of what might be the end result slated for use across an entire wall or floor.

Due to the wide range of colors and materials offered, every project is priced according to its particular design of glass, porcelain, and natural stone used. Choose between a re-creation of existing designs in tiles or work with them to make your own ideas come to life and install them as framed artwork, directly onto the surface as tiles, or even onto curved furnishings and columns for an individualized effect.

Self-powered lighting… OKAY!!!! by DOCTORS?!

I think you’ll agree that any product boasting a roster of designers beginning with “Dr.” is worthy of notice, if only for the novelty, since MDs and PhDs are scarce commodities in the A&D world. Now, I can’t answer for sure as to the specific disciplines of Dr. Lin Hui-Hsiung, Huang Shao-Wei, Yang Wen-Hsun & Chiang Chung-Kai, but I’d guess they’d be somewhere in the realm of systems/materials science and industrial technology, since the quartet’s red dot design award winning Starry Night lamp forecasts a new technological approach to the systematic dissemination of light.

A Self-Powered Light for Day and Night
And before I go waxing all nostalgic about that triumphal work by Vincent van Gogh, the straight-up goods on Starry Night are that it uses a “transparent light-collecting module” as a lampshade, in addition to an integrated photovoltaic layer, in order to charge up the battery that powers the nightlight. The piece is thus a self-sustaining/dual-purpose pendant lamp that saves copious amounts of energy while providing the environs with just the right amount of alluring azure illumination. In its daytime function, the big, beautiful blue bulb lights up to full capacity, but at night the stars come out, signified by Starry Night’s haphazard distribution of tiny pinpoints of light—every bit the rival of those distant glowing spheroids in the clear night sky.

Drips of Light

Designers, like artists, love to take on social commentary in their designs. A lamp is not just a lamp when it speaks about natural resource consumption and the downfalls of our consumer driven society. The Light Drop by Rafael Morgan plays to this tune taking its shape from the faucet that is dripping water. The fixture is a series of wall-mounted pieces which uses custom-molded polycarbonate bulbs with an embedded, dimmable LED. In an almost too obvious way (I mean too obvious because I would be looking for the wall switch), the quantity of light is controlled by the tap, allowing you to twist and get more light. In the words of the designer, this tactic is “also is a good way to contextualize energy use (though at a greatly reduced rate, compared to an incandescent version of the same design.” The Light Drop is intended to make the user think about how our society deals with water. Raphael Morgan won the Third Prize in the Bright LED international design competition for this design.