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The Letterpress Rug for CB2

Liora Manné used the artistic beauty of Helvetica letters to create the Letterpress rug for CB2 that acts as another tribute to typeface. On the Letterpress rug, her Lamontage® method allows for a flat techno felt of saturated hues of orange, black, yellow, grey and silver-tone letters. Its patterns and overall texture are marked by what looks like a ransom note on cement, says the product’s description on CB2. Recommended for use with a rug saver pad, the indoor/outdoor, UV-treated 100% acrylic pile is easily cleaned with a mop, soap, and water. To make the design even more lovable, it can be cut and fit into the tightest of spaces without unraveling.

Whether you’re a Helvetica fan or not, the warm tones and relaxed template of the Letterpress pulls it all together from front to backing. Manné’s Lamontagne textiles are said to “break the boundaries of traditional textiles, creating a unique textile with unlimited possibilities.”

Colorful appliances! FINALLY!

Bored with stainless steel and lack of color in your space? Steel S.p.A. and designer Alcide Po must have understood what that felt like before they designed and introduced a range of cookers and hoods that features the contemporary design of the Genesi refrigerator.

“Their style and and flair compliments the whole atmosphere of the kitchen,” says the product’s description, adding that it brings “matching colors and design-led technology for today’s family” into the space we use daily to congregate. By matching colors, Steel is referring to the options they offer to match the refrigerator – in its simple structure – to the other appliances in the Italian-inspired design of your dream cucina.

So brighten up your kitchen with a little color! Step out to the new modern kitchen appliances.