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Flat boxed shipped lighting

The over-arching concept of sustainability can be said to have a marquee component, it would surely be renewable energy, for what else makes a bigger impact than eschewing fossil fuels in favor of a clean, self-sustaining energy source? But the truth—as rightly apprehended by designer David Trubridge—is that the biggest bang for one’s environmental buck is to be found in transport. Just so, Trubridge’s Seed System facilitates flatpack shipping of some of the most glorious pendant lamps one has ever seen. Trubridge’s design practice has always been driven by sustainability. “We are continually doing all we can to reduce our environmental footprint,” he says, “reducing the volume of our freight has the most impact and is the best thing we can do.” The resultant kitset system requires but 1/40th of the volume of traditional packaging. The savings gleaned on transport costs would be miracle enough, but the capper is the magnificent unveiling of Trubridge’s Seed System compatible designs. These four pendant lamps—Koura, Kina, Flax, and Hinaki—are each organically inspired designs that evoke a phenomenon specific to Trubridge’s native New Zealand—respectively, a small fresh water shrimp, a sea urchin, an indigenous fibre-bearing plant, and a fish trap made from woven vines. SO FUN!!!