Drips of Light

Designers, like artists, love to take on social commentary in their designs. A lamp is not just a lamp when it speaks about natural resource consumption and the downfalls of our consumer driven society. The Light Drop by Rafael Morgan plays to this tune taking its shape from the faucet that is dripping water. The fixture is a series of wall-mounted pieces which uses custom-molded polycarbonate bulbs with an embedded, dimmable LED. In an almost too obvious way (I mean too obvious because I would be looking for the wall switch), the quantity of light is controlled by the tap, allowing you to twist and get more light. In the words of the designer, this tactic is “also is a good way to contextualize energy use (though at a greatly reduced rate, compared to an incandescent version of the same design.” The Light Drop is intended to make the user think about how our society deals with water. Raphael Morgan won the Third Prize in the Bright LED international design competition for this design.

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